Company Flyer

Care Bear Creations

Proprietor: Melody D. Williams A.K.A. Care Bear

Business # 267-262-4260 Fax # 215-227-0939

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My company is new and improved and I would like to present some of the things that I do .........

Tasty Delights Taffies & Candy Bars: Candy Molds for Any and All Occasions

Holiday Baskets: Mother's Day , Father's Day,Valentine's Day ........

Other Baskets Include: Christening, Wedding, Bridal Showers, Christmas, Bar Mitzvah, Secretary Day

Baby Shower, Towel Baskets, even Personalized Baskets etc ........

Exotic Baskets: Male and / Female

Wedding: Invitations, Programs, R.S.V.P. Cards, Response Cards, Direction Cards

Invitations: Birthday Party, House Warming, Baby Shower, Any Other Type of Invitations

You may need

Professional Service: Resumes, Cover Letters, Retirement Notices, Business Letters, Certicates & Flyers

For All Ocassions

Personal Documents: Wills, Living Wills, Contracts, Proposals

Durable Power of Attorney For Health Care etc ........

Chruch: Programms, Book Markers, Announcements etc .......

Funerals Services: Sympathy Cards & Letters, Announcements, Funeral Cd's w/ Music

or w/o Music

Specialties: Mouse Pads, Picture Puzzles w/ Pictures

Pictures on Canvas Bags

Menus: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Party Menus

Office Work: Mailing Labels, Faxing, Coping, Laminating, Contracts, Proposals

And so much more so please take the time to check out my websites 

Thank You for Your Time and Patronage